Monday, September 7, 2009

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Hello everyone,
sorry that I have not written on the blog lately, but I haven't had time upon my arrival back to the US, things have been quite hectic. I left Italy on the 23rd of august the day after my birthday, from Feltre I embarked on the journey back home that i thought would be quite a costly experience, however it was not, only 28 euro to return and 200+ to get there imagine that. the train ride from Feltre to padova was pretty uneventful because I had done it a few times already, Padova to Milan was unexpectedly fun however. I had some unexpected company on the train ride from Padova to Milan, I sat next to one Oregonian and an Australian, so time seemed to go by quite quickly. After we departed from milan we had to go to Brig, Switzerland where I was switching trains to Geneve, then i ran into some more unexpected luck. In Geneve the conductor to the train was really nice, and let me ride the train for only 18 euro which was much better than 77 for this leg of the journey on my way down. Paris! (ok that needs a new paragraph)
at Paris nord, and had to grasp where I was for a second, I had just gotten off the train in the ghetto, I'm sure Paris was interesting, not a fun city to be in at night let me tell you, maybe the more tourist areas are better, but where i was was not good news. so I got off the train at Paris Lyon from Geneve and then made my way up to Paris nord where I would catch the train to Brussels, this was my first mistake. I got out of the train station there are worse parts, but this was not the best of neighborhoods. I immediately started to search for a hotel that would suffice, this was quite the chore. I must have gone to 4 hotels before I found one that would take a credit card, and then two more because of vacancy issues, finally I found one that took a credit card and had internet so I was set for the evening. In the morning I was in quite the hurry to get to the train station as of my train was leaving at 8, once inside the train station all was well, the paris nord train station was actually really nice inside. After a few cups of coffee I boarded my train and was on my way once again.

Back at the garage, I packed all my stuff as quickly as possible, because I got the wild hair to go and do some tourist thing in belgium the next day, not knowing that I would in fact have to go to the airport that day i undertook my new journey. Brugge was very nice, and i couldn't get the phrase from the movie In Brugges out of my head, "Its like a f@#*ing fairytale." after I had finished with Brugge I made my way out to the coast to see something different in Belgium. The coast was great i was, however expecting to see the big JAX things left behind by the last world war, I was disappointed when all i saw was sand. After the coast on my way home i stopped to visit the Delirium brewery, and made my last visit to Geeraldsbergen, then arrived at the garage at about 4 o'clock.

At the garage I was in for another surprise, still to check the time of my flight in the morning i made a bit of din din and watched a bit of TV. It was a good thing that I had already packed all my stuff, because when I finally got around to checking the flight time I found out that i was to leave at 7 in the morning, oh shit! At least I didn't check this earlier because I probably wouldn't have done my day a round belgium if I would have discovered, I have to be at the airport tonight. saying my farewells I boraded the train to the airpot, and I was on my way home.

At the airport, I met this indian guy who was a pilot on a standby flight in the morning as well, so we had a few drinks and a few laughs and watched each other's stuff, while using the bathroom, very helpful. In the morning , we went to starbucks and grabbed a cup of coffee then he helped me to check all my stuff in which was nice. A few problems with luggage weight, but 70$ later and I was on my way home, because of the weight problems I only had 30 min to get to my plane. It was perfect timing because then I had no waiting around.

My delay at london heathrow was 4 hours, which was not the greatest part of my trip, but i could manage after all i was on my way home. I slept for most of the plane ride home so that i wouldn't have any jet-lag, because i was racing 2 days after returning. when i finally arrived in the US it was good feeling because even in england i had to work in my head to understand the language but now i could finally let my brain relax, It is good to be back!