Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Team

I was very pleased to finally get some closure the other day, to a long dilemma of what team i would be racing for in this upcoming season.  I am pleased to announce that I will be wearing to colors of Five Star Waste Vegetable Oil its a local pro team in San Diego that has had some great results in the past few seasons.  Under the watchful eye of director Justin Beope I hope to be given some great opportunity's in this upcoming season, we hope to be able to attend some pretty large races.  On the table for next season is tour of Missouri, tour of Utah, Super-week, and all the NRC races on the west coast, and possibly some on the other coast.  So in short this year is going to be a lot of fun.
The thing that the team and myself will be focusing on for next year is longer road races and stage races, for the team the glory will be enhanced at these larger races and it will give much more exposure to sponsors.  For me, I hope to progress in longer races in hopes of readying myself for the races that I will encounter in Europe, I would like to ride my way to Europe in the next few years and the only way to do this is through longer road type races, rather than the shorter Crit type races, which are nonexistent in the European racing scene.
these are some of the reasons i believe this team is a great fit for me, there are some other reasons too, the fact that we will be riding Colonago Bikes and the new Campy 11 speed are just some pluses that I guess I'll have to live with!