Sunday, December 19, 2010


Really tired of cars!
Living in San Diego over the past few weeks has really shown me the reason that I hate the city, and how truly great places like Chester and Chico really are!

Yesterday I got hit by a car again, luckily (knock on wood) the two times I have been hit now have been relatively minor. It is still however no fun to get hit by cars, moments of inattention that people have when they are driving. As you may recall I posted about this on twitter a few days ago, and yet again I strongly feel that we need a much stronger system for driving in this country, much like the one in Finland! People must realise that when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they have in their control a deadly weapon. Pedestrians and cyclist are not incased in a metal box that will protect
them, and when they are involved in a collision with a metal box usually the outcome is less than desired.

Obviously since it is my job to ride my bike living around cars is not ideal, and a place with less of a populous is more ideal. However there are many people who do live within large concentrations of people and cars, this is a cry out to drivers anywhere!