Thursday, March 18, 2010

San Diego

San Diego holds fond memories for me, I recently went to spend some time in San Diego with my friends the Klinesteker's. Bryce is a professional baseball player, working his way up to the BIGS, and all around fun guy to hang out with. Shawna is a doctor and Cathy (mom) is a teacher. this is my second family. In san diego I was planing to get lots of training in, in preparation for San Dimas and redlands, now Redlands has been removed from our schedule, so the prep. was all for San Dimas and the rest of the season. There is lots of good training in and around San Diego, to the east there are many hills and remote roads. If its a relaxing type of day up the coast to carlsbad is always a good ride, little busy at times but good overall ride. In San Diego proper there is fiesta island and the velodrome to ride on. Last but not least north east county of San Diego there is the famous Mt. Palomar, a good long climb and a day that held many adventures. I had a great time staying and training in San Diego, Torrey Pines is a really cool place to hang out, spent a little time there but not as much as I would have liked, oh well a reason to go back. I have always like the energy in San Diego, as far as active people, there are always people who want to get outside and do something. Except on rainy days, I figured something out when I was riding in the rain one day, there are only two types of people that are generally out in the rain. Professional Athletes (who have to go out, rain or sine), and women. Women where always out and about when I was riding my bike in the rain it was pretty cool to see a lot of athletic women who where not deterred from a little rain. Good job girls!