Monday, December 3, 2012

Hometown Float

This past week we got to run Spanish Creek, this is a run that is very dear to me because it is where  I learned to raft and kayak.  The flows where pretty low only around 250 cfs (cubic feet per second), but it was fun  to be able to float down the closest creek to quincy.  there is a huge amount of adventuring to be done in the small town of quincy, kayak, bike, ski, ect.  I hope that people who come up to visit enjoy the surrounding area and activities as much as I do.  bring your friends and come adventure!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flooding Gas Stations and Scrambling for Generators

Yesterday we lost power in Chester CA, due to fire activity. I observed the beginning of madness as everyone was quick on the trigger to start up generators and regain control of their technology driven lives.  In India last week there was some news that maybe didn't gain the attention deserved, two thirds of the country looses power and I believe the people handled it pretty well considering the scope of the event.  Here in Chester we loose power every winter and given some of the people up here now are not accustomed to this, but at any rate I think that we would be more prepared than we where.  Witnessing the pandemonium to get the generators going and gas tanks filled up was quite an event and I fell as tho  if America lost two thirds of its power, this would be far more devastating to people than anyone realizes.  If it where only  for a few days I think that could be handled fairly well but what if we all where to loose power for a week or a month or a year? how would that effect you?

This was all due to something that pretty much no one would have foreseen as a problem, a fire, but of course that makes sense.  How many unforeseen risks like this could effect us directly and how much will it effect you?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photography and Grand Adventures

For the past several months I have been enjoying Quincy CA and all that it has to offer, This is quite an amazing town, it has lots of outdoor activities to offer and lots of people who enjoy doing them. Im Enrolled in the Outdoor Rec. Leadership program at Feather River College, this program is the root of the adventurous community in the area and it has many things to offer for students and the public alike. Everyone in the Quincy area was so accommodating from the start, I was a bit of a outsider when I came to town be cause I didn't know anyone yet. All that changed within the span of a week when I realised I actually did know a fair amount of people, and the ones I didn't know quickly became life long friends. I'm so excited to be in a place with many like minded people, and lots of outdoor activities to partake in. its a great place and great people, here are some photos to prove it!