Monday, April 2, 2012

Photography and Grand Adventures

For the past several months I have been enjoying Quincy CA and all that it has to offer, This is quite an amazing town, it has lots of outdoor activities to offer and lots of people who enjoy doing them. Im Enrolled in the Outdoor Rec. Leadership program at Feather River College, this program is the root of the adventurous community in the area and it has many things to offer for students and the public alike. Everyone in the Quincy area was so accommodating from the start, I was a bit of a outsider when I came to town be cause I didn't know anyone yet. All that changed within the span of a week when I realised I actually did know a fair amount of people, and the ones I didn't know quickly became life long friends. I'm so excited to be in a place with many like minded people, and lots of outdoor activities to partake in. its a great place and great people, here are some photos to prove it!