Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello everyone, I just confirmed some very good news. I will be riding with a new team for the remainder of the season, but no this isn't only a team, it is BMC.  That's right i will be racing for the U23 BMC RT in the UK. I am so excited because i will be racing in Europe this was the goal for myself a lot further down the road, however when this opportunity presented itself it had to be taken.  Not leaving myself much time partly due to races that I will be going to over there, and partly due to excitement, I will be leaving for the UK april 14th. Early I know, but if all goes well I will be racing in France and Belgium the weekend after I arrive, so my dream of starting my carer in Europe is in fact happening a lot faster than expected, and I LOVE IT!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Confirmed Suspicions

At the San Dimas stage race this weekend I confirmed my thoughts that it might be time to take a break from the training for a little while.  So I will be taking a break until sea otter, now for those of you who do not train as a cyclist, taking a break still consists of 8-10 hour weeks but it is just rest weeks and therefore gives the muscles time to recuperate. 
After my break however I will have some very big races right in a row so I'm going to have to step back up to the plate as soon as my break is over.  I feel ready to do this however because right after that I will be going to europe to try and prove myself on the big stage.  It is not yet clear on what team i will be racing for in the UK, but I can assure you that i will rock their socks off over there!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Tour of Murietta

(teammate Chad Derosier after flying over the bars)

They should seriously think about re-naming this race crashfest, in the PRO field there was at least 15 crashes over the course of two days.  This was the most crashes that i have seen this whole year, I'm very glad that i was able to come out of his weekend without breaking anything. 
The crit was pretty fun, a wide open four corner crit, lots of wind and a corner that went from 3 lanes to 1. (this might have been the reason for some crashes) however i forgot to put fuel in the tank throughout the whole race this makes it very hard to get to the front of the field at the end of the race for the sprint so I got a mid pack finish, with the wind and crashes i was just glad to finish the race on two wheels.
The road race, I thought that this day would be much better because i would remember to eat, oh man maybe i just need to take some time off the bike.  the same thing occured i just couldn't move to the front of the field, after a 60mi RR this should be no problem, but i was stuck with another 30th or so finish.  After San Dimas this coming weekend i think that i will takea few weeks very easy and try to reset myself before sea otter classic, we shall se how that goes. 


Monday, March 2, 2009

Merco Cycling Classic

One of the best races of the season, the former NRC Mclane Pacific, is now the Merco Cycling Classic.  the crit was very fast very intense and very fun with an average speed around 30mph this was no simple walk in the park.  2 laps to go and misfortune came over me coming down the back straight away I was on the wheel that would go on to take the win, and a sudden move took my front wheel out from under me and next thing you know two or three riders are on the ground, this race I felt  really good in as well, oh well thats racing!
A time for redemption, the next day was the road race a 120 mile monster i was ready to get the win.  we started out at a pretty fast pace for the first two or three laps out of 5 then the 4th lap was really easy, because there was a group of 10 riders off the front, and in this group where some very strong racers.  Well as we come to about 5k to go we indeed caught the group of riders and first place was up for grabs once more.  Coming up to the sprint i simply was in the wrong position so i managed to only grab 8th place, not great but will have to do.  The Merco Cycling Classic still remains one of my favorite races of the season.