Monday, March 2, 2009

Merco Cycling Classic

One of the best races of the season, the former NRC Mclane Pacific, is now the Merco Cycling Classic.  the crit was very fast very intense and very fun with an average speed around 30mph this was no simple walk in the park.  2 laps to go and misfortune came over me coming down the back straight away I was on the wheel that would go on to take the win, and a sudden move took my front wheel out from under me and next thing you know two or three riders are on the ground, this race I felt  really good in as well, oh well thats racing!
A time for redemption, the next day was the road race a 120 mile monster i was ready to get the win.  we started out at a pretty fast pace for the first two or three laps out of 5 then the 4th lap was really easy, because there was a group of 10 riders off the front, and in this group where some very strong racers.  Well as we come to about 5k to go we indeed caught the group of riders and first place was up for grabs once more.  Coming up to the sprint i simply was in the wrong position so i managed to only grab 8th place, not great but will have to do.  The Merco Cycling Classic still remains one of my favorite races of the season.

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