Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello everyone, I just confirmed some very good news. I will be riding with a new team for the remainder of the season, but no this isn't only a team, it is BMC.  That's right i will be racing for the U23 BMC RT in the UK. I am so excited because i will be racing in Europe this was the goal for myself a lot further down the road, however when this opportunity presented itself it had to be taken.  Not leaving myself much time partly due to races that I will be going to over there, and partly due to excitement, I will be leaving for the UK april 14th. Early I know, but if all goes well I will be racing in France and Belgium the weekend after I arrive, so my dream of starting my carer in Europe is in fact happening a lot faster than expected, and I LOVE IT!!!!

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N8_Westwood said...


Best of wishes for your riding and adventures in Europe! I have raced once since I saw you there at the Starbucks in the UTC area. Didn't get dropped, and took a prime as well.

I am riding with SDBC, loving it, and will continue to race. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hammer-it! Take those finish line sprints!