Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today as many of you know I am embarking on a very long journey that will take up the next few years of my life, as i sit here at the LAX airport I think of the last week and all the good times that I had in my short time in San Diego.  This last week I did many things knowing that they would be the last in SD, just enjoying every minute of my adventures.  I would like to thank  everyone in the San Diego area that has touched my life in the past 6 months, you all are so special and I will not soon forget my time in SD, cheers 

A flood of emotions have been running through my body over the past few weeks, and finally it is all coming together.  making this trip happen is something that I anticipated that I would have to do i just didn't expect to be doing it so early, the earlier the better for this adventure tho.  The reason that this trip is such a big step is simply because it will direct my career as a professional cyclist and tell me if I will make it.  Kind of a scary thought that your whole career boils down to the next few months in europe.  Even tho its a scary time its also a very enjoyable experience and I will learn a lot.  So that is why I would like to thank all those that  have helped me to get this far, and to those that impeded my progress JUST WAIT!

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