Monday, April 20, 2009


The first race that I was to do in Europe was the Souvenir Michel Roques, I thought this was going to be a local road race in northern France no big deal. Well as it turns out every DS1 team in France showed up to this race, and then there was us. At the beginning I was a little nervous, but more excited then after two laps of racing I got dropped. After getting dropped I was slightly demoralized, but I continued to press on thinking that I would finish the race, wrong again. I continued in the race until lap 7 when the field lapped me. Here I was racing in France and getting dropped right away, at this point I'm still thinking that this is some local road race, until I see two of my other teammates who are having coffee at the finish line. this brought my spirits up a little bit, then I talked to them and one of them said "this was the hardest race I have ever done." that helped to bring my spirits up a bit more.

The biggest boost of the day however was just before the end of the race when I was getting something out of the team car I gave my first autograph as a professional road cyclist, this was a very big moment on the day.

When we came back across to the UK we had some border issues with my passport, but we finally got in. I now can no longer travel back and forth, so i will have to talk to my team manager and see what our options are. because that is the whole reason for me moving here is to be able to race in Belgium and France. The next day the team sent out an email that made the disappointment of the weekend go away almost completely, every team in the peleton was a ds1 team in France, that is the level right below pro tour. So my prediction is that 20 or so guys from this weekend will be racing pro tour in the next 4 years, this made everything a little better, but it was still an eye opener to see how far i have to go. so now I'm not eating, at all!


SD friend said...

Good Luck over there man, perseverance is the key!

nick53nick said...

You gotta be loving it over there--KILL IT MAN!

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