Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swami's Training Camp 2011

Unfortunately I was unable to participate fully inthis years swami's team camp due to my broken collarbone, however I was able to to take pictures for the team. The nice sunny days of the team camp was an excellent change of weather, coming from the single digits in Chester CA. I was eventually able to join in part of the last day after a long endeavour assembling my Cannondale machine in a hurry before the ride.

Since that ride I have been on the bike multiple times trying to regain the lungs I had before the injury, but the road back is going to be a bit longer than a few weeks, it looks like I will be racing myself into shape in the beginning of this season. Valley of the Sun Stage Race in arizona will be my debut race of the 2011 season, see you there!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home & Healing

Healing at home has been a good experience, I have found that I still have a great desire to take pictures and still have a great desire for cycling. This time of the healing process is however most critical and I must stop myself from doing things that I think that I can do, but really can't. I feel that the collarbone is at 60-75% and gaining much strength everyday, everyday I have a greater range of motion and can function with my arm just that much more. Since the two week barrier I have been able to ride the trainer seriously with both hands, this will prevent my legs from completely disappearing.

The next few weeks of my life are about to
get very busy again with cycling and all that goes with it. On monday I will hopefully be heading down to chico to sort out some stuff and visit friends, then by the 20th I will be headed down to San Diego to attend a training camp the weekend of the 22-23rd. This trip down south starts the beginning of the seasons travel, which should be non-stop until May and then non-stop again from June on, looking forward to the travel of the season makes me a bit antsy to start riding and traveling, but it shall come soon enough.

See everyone out there soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011


unfortunately the last few posts have been about accidents and injuries, this might be good however because im getting these out of the way before the season kicks off. last tues i regret to inform everyone I broke my collarbone, for what is now the 4th time. One week later and im starting to feel a bit better, hopefully within the next few weeks all be able to be back on the bike. This hindrance comes at the best time of the year with the cycling season getting started around early feb, it is not the best to keep to the training schedule, however I will not miss any races.

I would love to write more however writing with one hand is proving to be difficult, but i would like to say thanks for all the wishes and will see you on the road soon!