Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello everyone,
writing to you from London, England I got here two days ago and already have had some great adventures. The plane trip was great a little long, but didn`t bother me too much, the food was actually really good just not in large quanity. getting through the airport was a bit more of a hassle than I anticipated, immigration wanted to know everything and the baggage boy rolled up with an open bike box and shifters in one hand and said "these fell out", great what else fell out? As soon as I met our team manager at the airport things fell into place, we went straight to the hose of my host family, then I had dinner and went to bed, with no knowledge of what troubles the next day would bring.

The next day we went to the local bike shop bright and early to get my steer tube cut and some cables for my new BMC. After the bike shop we went to james`s house to put the bike together, except all the houses in Europe are very small so we had no space to do the bike in the house, and it was raining. So after two hours of putting my bike together in the dreary misty rain we could begin the real fun. On that note we set off for a 3 hour ride in the rain, man i love England so far. The riding here is very nice the roads are small but every car waits for you then passes you with a lot of room to spare when it is clear. Where I am based it is very flat, But it is still rolling hills however small the hills may be, it makes the training very hard when you mix in the rain and wind as well.

I have enjoyed my first few days in this backwards new world, and can`t wait or predict what the next steps. This Sun we are going to be racing in northern France, a great introduction to European racing on the road. then back to England for two Premier calender races then off to Belgium for some really tough shit! I have enjoyed what little bit i have seen so far, and hope to enjoy the rest, but i have to learn how to ride on the bloody left!

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