Thursday, January 7, 2010


This year I did something a little different than usual, instead of staying home for Christmas i went to go visit some friends in Dolores, CO and it was a great time. Its always great when you meet new friends, I met plenty in the first few days I was there, although most of them are snowboarders, I forgive you (Gus and Brittany, good job, my fellow skiers). A few days after I got there my buddy Sam Kelly who has a band Plying In Traffic, took me to one of his gigs in Durango, CO. naturally this was a great time, but that is often the case when you mix good live music and good friends. Christmas was a breeze this year, everyone was so nice and it made for one of the best Christmases I have ever had. The day after Christmas Sam, Clare, and I went up to Telluride for some skiing, Initially we where only going to go on Sunday, but some events made it logical to go both days. The skiing there was top notch, but most of the mountain had little snow cover, this however did not stop us from having the time of our lives. After two days of skiing I was sore in my whole body, which is how you should feel after skiing, so this required two days of recovery. After my two days of rest it was unfortunately time to leave all my new friends and head for home, so I could spend New Years with the folks. Great memories, great times.

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