Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hello From NZ

We have been having a great time here in NZ here are some of the photos that conclude our WWOOFing on the north island.

Rotorua, we woofed at the cox family's house, It was a great adventure. I got to help the boys Sean and Joel with learning whitewater kayaking. It was a great adventure, Nico enjoyed the kitchen and creating art out of food. One day we went out on the boat with the family and enjoyed a day of swimming and soaking in the hotsprings by lake Rotowiti. Thank you guys so much,  It was a lot of great fun and it was hard to leave.  In Rotorua we wandered around town a couple of days and enjoyed the sights and smells.  we went to the musem and saw the baths which was pretty cool.

Our third woof was Interesting one, It was a great place and a great idea however it was not implemented very well. Lets just say we are not convinced about compost toilets as of now. It was however a good environment and many good people, There was also a great beauty around the place. It was pretty cool to interact with the farm and farm animals, also we got to do some pretty cool things. 

The last stop on the north Island was, meeting Nico's friends Adam and Olivia in Wellington this was a great stop. Thank you guys we really enjoyed ourselves, and we really enjoyed being shown around the city. The highlight I have to say was going into the national museum barefoot. that was awesome, everything else was pretty cool too. 

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