Monday, January 26, 2015

Expectations are a fickle beast.

It is amazing how a small expectation, even something as small as expecting someone not to be late can throw of your balance of happiness and frustration.  Im not saying that people dont hurt us because that definitely happens for real. I am saying that alot of being upstet with something or unhappiness comes from the other person letting down the expectation that you had of them.  Not in fact the other person letting you down. For example if someone is late, its not the fact that they are late that causes the frustration it  is the expectation that you had for them to be on time, they have arrived exactly when they where supposed to but the frustration comes from an expectation of them 10 min earlier.  

I went into my trip to the south island with an expectation of bike touring around with someone, and when they where not there i felt hurt. I spent the majority of the night thinking about the whole situation, and i have come up with the fact that my unhappiness comes from the expectation that i had for them.  My unhappniess with the situation does not come from that person, but from within. This insight of the situation is just telling me that everthing as it should be, and that i should enjoy the experince no matter what. because its all about the journey, and mine is a good one. 

On a lighter note im going to start riding the Queen Charlotte Track on a mountain bike either today or tomorrow, and will be away from electronics, which is a much needed break i have been playing to much with electronics lately and its time for a break. 
Love you all


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Unknown said...

Carry on, my friend.... Enjoy every minute of your youthful adventures!