Friday, October 10, 2008


Cyclocross is much harder than it seems, i raced professional mountain bikes and now pro 1/2 road but cyclocross is a whole different animal. i did my first cyclocross race last weekend, expecting at least to be able to stay with the leaders for most of the race.  This was not the case however, i was only able to stay with them for 4 laps, and on the 5th lap i really realized that none of these sports are the same.  The complete skill set, bike handling, strength, and finesse that cross requires is very impressive.  to the casual spectator or rider these skills that elite cross racers posses are not evident, but after you race along side these talented athletes it becomes apparent that these racers are a much different breed than any other subdivision of cycling.  so this is me giving major props to cross, and i can't wait to race again,


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