Monday, October 20, 2008

San Diego

As i have told all my relatives and close friends i recently moved down to san diego, let me tell you traffic sucks! aside from the traffic i am really enjoying it down here, there is alot of cycling energy which motivates you tremendously to get out on your bike. The day that you opt to take a rest day, you ride to starbucks and see 6 people on bikes, then you are like shit they are out training what am i doing. then you have to go get on your bike, this makes for a good riding atmosphere. it really puses you to succeed and as most of my friends and family know that is what i moved down here to do.

living in the city is a whole diffrent experience for me, the fact that everything is so accessible and close to hand is a feeling that i have not yet adapted too, the ice rink, starbucks, apple store,trader joe's, whole foods, and any other shopping endeavor are less than a mile away. this is quite the feeling when everything you need is so close. i belive that tis is the reason americans are so fat, also because they use their cars as wheel chairs but thats another story.


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