Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boulevard Road Race / Red Trolley Crit

Boulevard Road Race:

 usually an epic battle that takes place in early feb in southern california, well this year was even more epic than ever.  Right before the start of our race it stated to snow very heavily, within the first 200 meters there was a crash, actually the only crash of the day, but I looked back and all I see is Jelly Belly riders sliding across the ground and they pretty much just turned around and didn't race.  I lasted for three laps of this early season classic, then I was dropped going up the hill, the cold was so intense that i was forced to turn around half way through the last lap in order to preserve my health. Valley of the sun is my next race and it is vital that I am in good health for this race.  Whenever you get to race in the snow, it will always be a battle of epic proportions and even though I was forced to abandon this was a great race for me.
Red Trolley Crit: 
  The day after the Boulevard road race is the red trolley crit, it is a fun short course with a slight riser at the end of the back stretch, however on this day I was not feeling my best because of the brutality that occurred the day before, i just simply didn't have any thrust in my legs, but I had fun, so this was a good weekend. 

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