Monday, February 16, 2009

Valley Of The Sun 2009

The valley of the sun stage race, I was given the idea that the valley of the sun stage race was a large important race.  Man was I wrong, the valley of the sun stage race was not a race i would return to if it hadn't been for the great company that I was in throughout the trip, spending time with my new friends from San Diego.  The best part of the trip was not the racing, but the company, that we all had such a great time around dinner.  
The races however where very fun other than a few downfalls that occurred during some of the races.  During the Time Trial I got a horrible time and was placed 78th in GC, this was my only chance to contest the GC.  Then the road race, I was very excited for the road race because I had a very good chance of winning in this discipline, but Arizona racing being what it is inhibited us from doing this.  Because of a crash around the finish line they didn't allow the pro 1 field and the CAT 2 field to finish, when the race could have simply had another lap added on to clean up the crash and give us a finnish.  
That was the bad news, then followed the good news the crit, the crit course was very fun lots of turns and uphill and downhill I took a 7th place not too bad of a result considering that I didn't have this luck the previous days.  To cap off the last day I met a very beautiful girl who shares with great interest the racing bug Ivy, drove down with her mom from Missoula MT, for a small stage race in Arizona now that is dedication. 

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