Thursday, August 20, 2009


Two days ago I went backpacking for three days in the dolomiti, it was one of the best trips of my life. vibrant colors with the blooming wildflowers and beautiful pictures the whole way, however those pictures are stuck on my camera until I get home.

the first day there was a lot of climbing and a very heavy pack because I had not eaten any of the food. it was a long day but the most beautiful. I took over 200 pictures that day alone, after about 6 hours of hiking tho I was tired and just wanted to get to the bivaco where I was spending the night. bivacos are little backpacker hut's. I still had about an hours hike too it tho, so i put the camera away and made my way. the bivaco was very nice it had a table candles fireplace and a few other amenities, i shared it with 4 other hikers that night.

Day 2 was a very hard day, I did not realize how dramatic the country around here is, and i climbed all day, or so it seemed. the plan was to get to refugio BOZ and have lunch then go on to bivaco feltre. well during lunch i got a bit of thunder and lightning and dicided that the trail to bivaco feltre was too dangerous after these events, and spent the night at refugio BOZ

Day 3 was a long downhill hike, and i found out that there was a bivaco only 20min hike from BOZ that i could have stayed at and not paid, but thats ok. I had lunch after a late start from BOZ and then continued down. i dropped over 5,000 feet in elevation and ended up at my end point Vai Canzoi. it was a great backpacking trip and good to get out of the house for a while. will not soo forget this one.

6 Days, I have 6 Days before I come home, I am ready to be home. this year has been very fun and i have had some great experiences and i hope to have more in the future, but next year i will be staying in the US to race. I will return to Europe to race, but not for a while. It has been the biggest adventure of my life and i will not forget this one either!

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