Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family & Bella Vista

Since I have arrived in Feltre I have been very busy, this is why I have not written on the blog for a while, I have been busy living what feels like a dream. Since I have been on "vacation" there has been very few days when I have not ridden a bike, and now I have started running to try and slim down more before next season and to try to keep off all the food I have been eating. Feltre is one of the most beautiful places on Earth I keep having to pinch myself every morning to make sure I'm still not sleeping, the most amazing views have come from the tours on Mt. bikes. My uncles are all very into riding Mt. bikes and they have taken me to some very cool places, there has defiantly been no shortage of adventure in the trip. It takes a little getting used to, for the times that they eat here tho. In the morning it is a little breakfast, then lunch is usually very big and then dinner is a little smaller than lunch sometimes but very big as well.

Palio de Feltre, a big festival that takes place every year, the festival is all about the birth of Feltre and
how things where done back in the time of the city's creation. As the times have changed tho everyone uses it as an excuse to party for 4-5 days, its really diverse however in the us if this happened after dark it would only be kids out partying. Here everyone from old women and young kids are out until 1-2 in the morning, and there are festivities and the whole nine yards. on the last day there is a parade and a horse race, then the Palio is over until the next year. I did not think much of it when my aunt asked me if I wanted to be in the parade and I thought for sure I would be no one important, as the costume I got was not that elaborate. then I learned that I was representing one of the leaders of Feltre, that was kinda cool. after the parade there where a few events and then the horse race. The whole thing was all very cool and makes me want to come back for the Palio all the time, maybe i can come back in the next few years to enjoy it all over again.

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