Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boulevard Road Race / Red Trolley Crit 2010

New Team Bike Religion!

It has been a little while since my last post on here, But since then I have been quite busy getting things together for the upcoming race season. I Traveled down to Socal in the beginning of February for the mothballs crit, and to pick my bike up from the team, also the weather forecast was looking pretty grim for next few weeks in Chico. I took the train down to SLO to meet up with some friends and drive down to santa barbara the next day, I would miss out on the Road Race in Santa Barbara because I would receive my bike on this day and I wanted to dial it in a bit before I raced on it. That night I got to hang out with a few of my new teammates, and we went bowling which was a great time. The next day wast the Mothballs crit in IV, so that day we hung out in IV for a while and then went and watched some racing before getting suited up to race. The race was fun, I got a pretty solid first race 22nd, after we had some pretty solid burritos at a special place in IV and hit the road home. Over the next two weeks I stayed at three different teammates houses, and the first weekend of February did the Boulevard RR and Red Trolley Crit. As usual the RR was miserable conditions and the crit was nice weather, we had more of a team turnout in both of these races and I got a 21st in the RR and 8th in the crit, Marked up as another quality weekend. Now its time to get on the TT bike for Valley of The Sun.

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