Saturday, February 20, 2010

VOS 2010

Valley of the Sun is a stage race in phoenix AZ, It usually beckons riders with good weather and a laid back atmosphere, but not with payout, although the winnings are quite low its still a fun race to be a part of. This year VOS was a great time, 80 degree weather and good racing always makes for a good time. My TT was decent, not going to put me near the top of the leader board but yet a respectable 25th. After the TT we rushed back to the hotel room to make sure that we Didn't miss any of the opening ceremonies for the olympics, after watching the malfunctioning ice formations we retired to get good rest for tomorrows adventure. The RR was great, we departed at 12 and this gave it plenty of time to get as hot as possible, when we left the start line the temp had gotten up to 75, being from Norcal this was great weather to ride in. The RR didn't quite go as planned i thought we had one less lap than we actually did so I buried myself to make up a little time on the group, I finished 1 lap to go off the front of the pack thinking it was the last lap and thinking i made up some quality time on the group when in fact there was yet another lap so I was hanging on to the pack for as long as I could, and finished the day 10 min behind the group, oh well that won't happen again. Finally the crit and time for a little redemption, the race went well, and I tried a few attacks without sucess so then I saved myself for the final sprint. 5 laps to go I was at the front in good position right behind BMC, then final lap still in good position, then second to last corner BMC attacks, and i hesitated, shit another mistake I won't make again. I ended up 13th but BMC won and if i went with him who knows what would have happened, oh well next time!

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