Thursday, July 15, 2010


It has been a while since my last post, mostly due to lack of motivation to post something on the blog. the last race that I participated in was the ToAD (Tour of Americas Dairyland), this was a great race. Situated in eastern Wisconsin, the race had a bit of variety for everyone, leaned mostly to the crit side of things but that is ok. Unfortunately upon arrival I had encountered some difficulties with Fed Ex and not all of my equipment was delivered in the box that it was supposed to be in, after some fighting with Fed Ex and not getting much of anywhere it was time to just get on with it.
The racing in the midwest was faster than expected, after a few races I finally started to get the hang of things a little bit, with a 24th as my best finnish it was not a great toad for results but the experience of racing there and the people that I met along the way made the trip worth while.

Some of those people, That I would like to thank again include the Verizon u25 cycling team, and our gracious hosts Peter & Margie. Thank you all for the good times and your generosity it was much appreciated.

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