Monday, February 28, 2011

Callville Bay Classic 2011

This weekend a few swamis attended the Callville bay classic in Lake Mead, NV. The weather report showed rain on sat and sunday so yet another epic race was in store for us, we just had no idea how epic.

The first stage was a short RR coming in at just under 50 miles, team Exergy sent a guy in the breakaway and kept the race under control there where without a doubt hard moments. I tried to get in or make a few moves early on, but this was all chased down. near the end of the race the wind or the weak before had worn on my legs a little to much and I finished right behind the pack.

The next stage was the TT, slightly uphill for 4 or so miles the TT was actually not much of a deciding factor in the race. I felt fairly good for the TT in the
morning, but my result turned out average. It was pretty interesting that the tailwind was so strong it took nearly twice as long to come down the gentile incline than to go up it. The rain had not come yet but it was due that night, and was to continue through the next day.

The next stage was another RR, this one was a decent length just over 80 miles. I woke up the morning of however starting to feel the onset of a cold, sniffles and a little tickle in the throat was not a good sign when the day consisted of riding in the rain and cold for 80 miles. The whole race our worst suspicions where confirmed it rained 80% of the time, and was not ecatly the warmest race in the world. that night it snowed in las vegas, at this point I'm fairly certain that the snow is following me around, look just because I miss winter in Chester doesn't mean I want to race in it every weekend.

The next day was the Crit, kind of an interesting course the crit was held through the parking lots of the Callville bay marina and was by far one of the highest speed crits I have done. throughout the race I put in attacks to try and escape the clutches of the speeding group, but the all proved futile, as the group stayed together in the end.

A pretty successful week of racing although struggling with a little sickness and cold weather where not pleasant. I was happy with the weekend and now must recover and get ready to do it all again in 2 days.

A massive thanks to the Shackleys for putting up with our crap over the weekend! you guys are awesome!

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