Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valley Of the Sun

Valley is usually one of those races early on in the year that is good for me, however this year it did not go so well for me. Recovering from my broken collarbone this was my first race on the year and I had the goal not to crash in it, I did not meet this goal. I had a ok TT, but returning from my injury it took me a while to get back into the whole suffer mindset. The secondstage was the road race this unfortunately was the day that I crashed, making sure I fell on the right side so I didn't break the collarbone again, I came out with a few scratches, but my bike was a little less fortunate. A bent derailleur hanger made it quite hard to chase back to the group, also the fact they where going quite hard in head and cross winds didn't help.

The weekend however was not a
total loss, kudos Lars Finanger who won the cat 2 field with a strong TT performance and awareness to make the break in the road race. Well done mate!

Moving on there is lots of racing on the plate, this weekend we will be attending the UCLA road race in Pearblossom CA, then heading up to do two races on sunday and monday in Fresno CA. For the next 6 weekends in a row me and teammate Matt Shackley will be attending stage races, which will be quite the adventure. Lots of racing to come so please keep checking back for updates and race reports.

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