Sunday, January 18, 2009


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Arrogant Bastard Training Camp

DAY 1: 
We had the first day of training camp today it was interesting, as it always is to meet your new teammates.  With limited numbers we made it work, Paul Che, and Shane Lawlor joined myself and team director Justin Beope for a four hour cruise up Palomar MT.  the first part of the ride was at a leisure pace but as soon as we started to climb up Mt. Palomar the pace quickened and we where able to test each others strengths.  Today being the first day and limited turnout was very fun and successful, I expect tomorrow to be much better because we are combining training camp with the ever fast Swami's ride and more teammates should also be there!!
François Parisien
DAY 2:
The team did the swami's ride for the second day of training camp, even though all of us didn't do the long loop.  team director Justin and Paul Che had to cut out early, but Chad DeRosier and I continued on.  Thanks to former teammate James Gunn and François Parisien the long loop ride was very fast. even though the pace and the strain on the muscles was a lot it was excellent training especially for the 100+ mile road races that I will encounter during the season. We can mark this one up as another beautiful 80° day of training in beautiful San Diego!

Day 3:
Free Day, due to the conflicting schedules of the team we where able to do a ride of our choice today.  I started my ride with former teammate James Gunn and François Parisien and also some other strong guys visiting from Quebec.  half way trough the ride however i split from the group to take a scenic loop home, so i wouldn't exceed my hours for this week.  this week i was supposed to do 22 hours so if i would have continued to ride then i would have exceeded the 3 hour ride i was to do today to make that limit.  So i cut off and did the SDBC Saturday ride backwards back to my place.  That however lame it my have been was the Arrogant Bastard Training Camp!

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