Saturday, January 3, 2009

Racing Blues

Its the time of the year right before the season, most of the racers around the US are starting to feel anxious to get into the racing season. personally i know that i am tired of training for the season and not being able to race on the weekends.  the season starts to come into full effect in the beginning of February, this month seems like it continues to evade me. yet it is still another month till the first race of the season, when  the season starts i know that everything will move at a much faster pace.  

From the month of Febuary to September there is more packed in the schedule than there are animals in the aquariums at sea world.  except for the month  of July which only has two large races one of which is in PA.  therefore it also makes it a busy month just not as many races, the ominous schedule proves one thing true for the upcoming season, the fact that i won't have much time at all!!!!

Damn the cycling coverage! cycling coverage just makes the blues of the ominous racing season even worse, as i was watching the coverage of last years paris Roubaix i was so excited for the season that i was literally bouncing of the walls. this is probably because my excitement for the 2009 season can no longer be contained.  in the upcoming season i will be racing in many PRO peletons and having some experiences that will be unmatched, YOU WOULD HAVE BLUES TOO!!!!!!!!!!

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J&L Pratt said...

The "Blues" will soon be turning "Green" for GO! in just a few short weeks so hang in there. Jim and I wish you the best of luck for a fantastic 2009! Keep up your hard work it will pay off. We look forword to watching the season!
Ciao! xoxoxox J&L Pratt