Monday, January 26, 2009


Last weekend i had my first so-cal crit, It was a learning experience.  After the race i learned from a teammate that many of the so-cal crits end in a breakaway which surprised me because a lot of the crits in the north country end in a field sprint, also it was a great time to learn about the people on my team and other teams that i will be racing with this year.  I learned people and how they react to situations and how they perform in certain situations, stuff that is valuable to know during the course of the season.  

The race was not as fast as i thought it might be, early on there where many breakaway attempts, but nobody had promising look until about 2/3 the way through the race then a break went up the road with the right mix of riders to succeed.  there where two of the major  teams in the race represented in the race therefore the impetus for the group to chase was not strong.  Through out most of the race i did a lot of work because i was under the impression that the break would be pulled back at only a 20sec gap, but this was not the case and i burned al my matches, so when i finally did figure out that the group would stay away i simply didn't have the pop to put in an attack that would put me in the front group.  I just tried to follow the final attack by Justin Willams of Rock Racing to contest the field sprint, but some things unfolded and my lead out fell through the pack as soon as Justin attacked, therefore putting me in 18th position for the finish. 

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N8_Westwood said...

Sounds like you already have the strength and conditioning for a 3rd place or better next race.

Congrats on landing a spot on the Pista Palace/
Stone Brewing team!