Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As some of the people close to me know I was thinking about moving to belgium, because the UK has not really lived up to the expectations that I had.  There is much more races and much more quality over in Belgium, also I feel that the racing best suits my style over in Belgium so it is the obvious choice.  I will not be riding for any teams in Belgium, but will be racing alot and looking for teams or contacts to help me out in any way shape and form. 

I have also been very sick over the past two weeks, so I hope that I am past the sickness for my adventure to Belgium.  I feel much better, but last night when I ramped up the speed in a training exercise I found out that I had lost quite a bit of fitness from being sick, but being in belgium and racing and resting I am fairly confident that my fitness and speed will return soon.  As i am not sure exactly where I am staying, I believe it will be somewhere around Ghent, in the Flanders  region, as this is the area with the most racing.  soon I will know more about my adventure because I will hopefully be going as quickly as next week, Keep checking the blog for updates on this new adventure. 
caio for now 

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nick53nick said...

Hang in there man--you'll come around!