Monday, May 4, 2009


I love the local race they help you to get your confidence back when you are feeling down I was feeling pretty bad after the last few weeks going to large UCI races and getting dropped just over half way through was starting to get to me a little bit.  so this weekend I did a local race in Essex and even though i had been pretty sick for a few days I finally felt like I was starting to come around and my legs where starting to get back under me.  I attacked early in the race, and got away for a few miles but the only person to come across the gap, of course was the smallest guy in the field.  so that didn't last too long on a windy course.  Then three laps in my teammate Joe Skipper attacked to bridge up to a breakaway that had already been established, so naturally as a teammate I did all the chasing.  I spent two laps chasing down all the attacks from the main field to make sure that no one else got up to the break.  After this I was pretty tired so I sat in the pack until the last lap.  On the last lap, cramps and all, I figured it was now or never to try and get away, the breakaway was not coming back so I put in my flurry of attacks.  within 12 miles or so I put in about 4 decent attacks that gave me a slight gap over the main field, but every-time they chased us back.  then in the last kilo I put in my last attack, and basically didn't go anywhere so that was it I was done!  

Right when i'm am starting to feel good, I was very happy that my legs where starting to come around, but because I went into the race this weekend sick, naturally I came out even worse off.  So now I find myself taking anything that will help me get better for next weekend, another big premier calendar race this weekend and I want to be able to go into it with the best possible chance, even though i'm not quite right still from the transition. 

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