Wednesday, April 28, 2010

La Vuelta de Bisbee

La Vuelta de Bisbee, is a classic race in a classic old mining town in the southeast corner of AZ. This race was said to be a very good race, and it did not disappoint, we headed out to the Vuelta de Bisbee as the start to a 2-3 week trip including Vuelta de Bisbee and the Tour of the Gila.

We left Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon before Bisbee, after doing the whole drive in one shot we slept well that night. The next afternoon we went for a training ride on the TT course and prolouge course, both of
the courses where either uphill or had decent size hills in them. The prolouge was very hard only 2 miles but all out uphill effort defiantly burner. Stage 1 was a 90 mile RR, in which a break was let away from the field early, to begin we had two people in the break but they both came back to the field, so I spent all day with team Exergy and Bike Religion trying to pin back the riders whom had gone up the road, we where however unsuccessful. Stage 2 was a Time Trial, 7 miles out and back which I soft pedaled most of in effort to conserve energy for tomorrows stage. The last Stage I unfortunatley got dropped, but such is life, it was a fun race and a good time.

Now forward to the Tour of the Gila!

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