Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It has taken long enough, but I feel like I am finally coming to form in Belgium.  my first few races in this new rigid land have not been the best for my confidence and for my legs, but finally on Tues at an Interclub Race with the PRO's my legs felt strong.  My form is also starting to come around, by this I mean that I am starting to get used to the racing style and intensity that is consistent with Belgium.  Now that I have found some form and finished my first 160+ km race the hard part is over and now I can attempt to get some results. 

The race this weekend was really good for me, the course was flat with 4 pave sectors, not only that me finishing a race has really done wonders for my head now I can focus on my racing.  the course being flat and cobbled was right up my alley, when the sounier said that it was a long course that was flat and cobbles I started to get excited about the race and rejected any of the thoughts about what a sufferfest it actually was going to be.  

By the way our sounier is the coolest guy ever, and we appreciate everything Roland you are the best.  

The start of the race was not all that hard I spent some time at the front for the first four laps, after that I started to creep backwards and remained there for the rest of the race petty much.  There where a few times that I came back up to the front, but mostly stayed mid-pack and just hung on, because my goal for this race was to finish.  At about six laps to go I ran into some trouble, is tarted to get cramps in the legs, so I drank the two bottles that I had a fast as I could, and grabbed another in the feed zone.  the next four laps I grabbed a bottle in the feed zone, this subdued the cramps for one lap.  then on two laps to go the break away and another group of 30 was established so one of the boys from a rival team got on the front and slowed  down the race as to say don't even try for the next few laps.  So about six of us got on the front and started to drive it, since the impetus was not so high from the group I sat on the front driving it for about half a lap.  After this pull I was completely nuckered, so I sat on to the back of the pack for the remaining minutes of the race.  When I came across the line I felt like raising my arms in the air in victory, but I figured as pretty much the last person on the road that might look kinda stupid so I just celebrated in my mind.

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N8_Westwood said...

Alright! Glad to hear you are feeling like your old self. If you ever make it back to San Diego, we should go for a ride, or 2. or 2,000. Take care and give'em hell.