Monday, June 1, 2009


Riding in Belgium, is so much fun, maybe its because its a new place to explore for the moment or maybe because it is actually that good, but the other day i was actually excited to ride my bike which has not happened for a while. usually riding is a chore, or known as going into the office, but my riding here is so enjoyable.  Most of the big roads that you have in Belgium have large bike lanes or separate bike paths, but most of the rides that i have been doing lately, i haven't hit a main road for more than a kilometer.  most of this country road riding consists of me going out for long rides and getting lost then trying new roads to find out how to get home.  Sometimes however these rides actually have a plan and a direction, which if you know which direction your destination is then these roads are faster than the main roads.  The cities are places to stay away from, after riding and driving through the cities i have finally figured out that its best to stick to the small villages, it took me a week too long.  

We had a big race this weekend past it was an interclub, which is just a few steps below pro racing over here.  I did not finnish, but i did feel a lot better than in the first two races that i have done so far, there was a 400 meter cobble climb and that didn't fair to well with a broken finger, but thats life, GRAB A CUP! 

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