Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since I have been doing kinda crappy in most of the races I have been doing im going to talk about something else, the last race that I did was fun, but for some reason it was fast and you had to really fight hard to stay at the front.  the first two or three laps where fine, I could hold my position no problem, but at lap two we went onto smaller roads which strung out the group to the max. After a lap of this I was near the back and playing a game of catch up with a 2km long line, that sucked and I eventually just got bungeed off the back at about 6 laps in.  
Back to massages, when you get a massage it is great for everything, recovery, mental recuperation and muscle recuperation.  massages two days before a big race or a race weekend always help you race better, and my situation is golden, I have a masseur in my house he is also one of the cyclists.  I get a massage once a week and that usually holds me over for a while, but by the time that week is up I am in need of my next massage.  Massage is also like a chore however, because after the massage the stretching and hydration are the most important parts and that is usually not something you want to do after your massage, but its all good because as long as I give it a day before racing to get the crap out of my legs, then I am flying when it comes race time. 

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