Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It is commonly  know that bad things come in three's, well I have had three meetings with the pavement in this new country, so hopefully that is all out of the system.  the first crash was in the wet, at a kermess and I took a corner too fast.  the second was at a dry kermess, and the guy in front of slammed on his brakes to go into a 90deg corner and I hit the back of him then kinda ran off my bike, third was the worst. 

The third crash happened yesterday, I decided to do a kermess yesterday over by brussels.  The race was a long 15 laps on a very hilly circuit, as I do at any other kermess i grabbed my number and went out in front of the bar to put it on.  Sitting on the curb having a bit of a nap was none other than a Helens Cycles rider from LA, he is racing for a team in paris.  After talking to this guy for a while I went searching around with my South African teammate to find some fellow  South Africans that where also at the race, we sat and talked to them for about 15min and before long it was time to start.  Lining up was more intense than at any of the previous races because there where several PRO's there, topsport, and beveren 2000 which is the Quickstep development team, but it wasn't as bad as I thought.  The race was tame for the first lap then the next 3 or 4 laps where balls to the wall, then it settled down a little but not much.  This was the first race that I actually did decent in, even though I didn't finish I lasted the longest I have so far and felt pretty good.

The deadly ride home, everything was ok on the ride home until we went through Ninove.  After Ninove it started to rain, so we naturally started to go faster.  With the rain coming down a little bit harder I was following my teammates wheel, and he didn't see a brick in the road until the last minute, so naturally I didn't see it at all.  my front wheel missed it oddly enough but I nailed it with my back wheel and went ass over kettle ended up about a meter off the road in a muddy ditch.  what a way to have the third crash eh? luckily I was not hurt to bad just plenty of road rash and some bruises, nothing broken or re-broken.  Let's just hope i can be well enough to race this weekend, some big races coming up including a mountain bike race which is going to be fun as hell!

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