Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been doing a lot of races lately, the past weekend I raced all weekend and did about 400 miles in five days, including the races. so my form should be coming around soon, I was feeling very strong in the past few races that I have entered, however im trying to recover from an infection that I got from crashing a few weeks ago. I spread throughout my leg and I broke out with pimples all over my lower leg, with the help of tea tree oil and clay I have managed to clear up about 80% of it in two days however. So I am going to race again today, just for training i have no expectations unless I find myself in the break halfway through the race then I might gain expectations. I know all this racing will benefit me in a few weeks, I should be flying when it comes time for some of the big tours in July and August.

the weather has been unusually nice for Belgium, it has not rained for a few weeks now (knock on wood) and shows no sign of rain on the weather forecast, so lets hope it stays this way it is great for the tan lines. the hardest thing with living in Belgium is watching how much you eat, on the sunny days, after training it feels like you have burned enough to eat a lot, which you have but the sun is up until about 11:00 so you continue to snack until late. and on the rainy days it is hard to stop eating because there is a lack of things to occupy yourself with. it is a deadly cycle, basically all there is to do is eat, sleep and ride which sounds all dandy until about your second week here, then it starts to get really really boring, oh well living the dream.

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