Thursday, July 9, 2009


after two weeks of really hard solid racing im going to be taking a very large break for the next two weeks, there will obviously be a few long days and a few races, but for the majority of this time coffee shop rides will be the norm. over the next two months I also plan to stay very focused in my training, this means little chocolate, no snacking and good quality training. The tour will help me over the next three weeks to accomplish this, after that I have asked my girlfriend Alyssa to keep me focused. The reality has hit me in the past few days, this stretch of my career is the most important and if I can take it for all it is worth, and get my head straight then, I will be on a much faster track to the european pro scene.

Things have been starting to look up lately good weather(except the last two days), and good company, TDF is on TV live everyday, all these things have motivated me to be the best i can be. hopefully this attitude will transfer over to when I am racing, im hoping that the better I feel in general the better I will race, which is generally how it works, so we will se if the form starts to come around.

It has really boiled down to a simple truth, Belgium is a HARD ass country to live in, and Im doing the hardest sport in the world, so its not about anything but surviving in this country as a cyclist, when you survive then you make it. It is such a HARD sport mentally an physically that only champions survive, lots of people fail, stick to it and ride till you can't anymore and good things will happen.

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